2017-2018 Calendar

Regular meetings are held at Holy Trinity Parish St. Theresa's Church at 15 Still River Road in Harvard, MA. Meetings begin at 9:30AM unless otherwise noted. Brunch is served from 9:30 AM until 10:15 AM.

Board Meetings start at 9:15 AM

Meetings are cancelled if Harvard Public Schools are closed.

Nature Walks take place on area conservation lands. They are tentatively planned for Thursdays, with time varying seasonally. More information will be available the week before the walk. We hope to visit all the conservation lands with trails this year.

September 2017

Sept. 18 Board Meeting at 9:15 a.m. (see yearbook for location)
Sept. 25 Regular Meeting: Developing a Bulb Garden; Speaker: Kathi Gariepy
Remember early last spring, looking at other people's hosts of golden daffodils (or are they jonquils?), rows of brightly colored tulips, and masses of pretty little blue flowers, and wishing you had more of them in your own garden? They are all bulbs, and now is the time to plant them so you can have that enviable display next spring. Master Gardener Kathi Gariepy lives in an old farmhouse surrounded by flower, herb, and vegetable gardens and a variety of berry patches. She will talk about planning a bulb garden or incorporating bulbs into existing gardens. Kathi will give us tips on cultivation and introduce us to varieties of bulbs with which we may not be familiar.
Hospitality Committee: Linda Demkoski, Becky Shives, Shirley Boudreau, Talia Lambie, Becky Shives, Barbara Smith, Christine Spielvogel, Bobbie Taylor
Floral arrangement: Claudia Wesley

October 2017

Oct. 19 Flower Arranging Workshop; 1:15 PM; Friendly Crossways, 247 Littleton County Rd.
We will make an arrangement appropriate to the season, emphasizing the use of leaves. Both first time and experienced arrangers are very welcome. The cost is $25. Please bring clippers and/or scissors.
Oct. 23 Board Meeting at 9:15 a.m. (see yearbook for location)
Oct. 30 Regular Meeting: Celebrating 90 Years. Garden Club Members.
We will celebrate our 90th birthday with a stroll through the past nine decades of Garden Club history. A speaker for each period will reminisce about the activities and social niceties during her time. We'll hear about the days of flower shows at Town Hall, the Fruit and Flower Mission to Boston, the wearing of white glove and hats, and the requirement to have two sponsors for membership--provisional membership!(What must you have had to do to be blackballed?) We'll learn about the repeated efforts to beautify the area around the powder house. Members can add their own memories as we celebrate the club's rich legacy of conservation and beautification efforts, educational programs, and social activism.
Hospitality Committee: Mimi Dorward, Joan Chu, Cindy Dumser, Donna Fuller, Theresa Ledoux, Arline Marteney, Mary Anne Piasecki.
Floral arrangement: Shirley Boudreau

November 2017

Nov. 20 Board Meeting at 9:15 a.m. (see yearbook for location)
Nov. 27 Regular Meeting: Colonial Williamsburg's Traditional Botanic Decorating Style; Speaker: Lorraine Lee
Lorraine Lee, an author and University of Rhode Island Master Gardner, will take us back to colonial times for inspiration this holiday season. We will learn about the history of Colonial Williamsburg's floral and fruit holiday displays--the elegant swags, centerpieces, and wreaths made with natural materials that are now associated with this quintessential and timeless American style. Lorraine will describe the materials, symbolism, and uses of these arrangements. She will also demonstrate how we can create our own fruit tower arrangements to "colonialize" our homes for the upcoming holidays.
Hospitality Committee: Phyllis Clawson, Teddy Coffin, Molly Cutler, Katie Gandek, Nancy Gasser, Connie Grabowy, Sandy Henderson
Floral arrangement: Mary Maxwell

December 2017

Dec. 11 Holiday Greens Workshop
9:30 a.m. to noon
The club gathers each year to make baskets of greens for shut-ins and arrangements for themselves. Bring some greens and a container for your arrangement, trade with other members, and buy foam and trimmings.
Coordinator: Deborah Dowson and Denyse Cox

January 2018

Jan. 22 Board Meeting at 9:15 a.m. (see yearbook for location)
Jan. 29 Regular Meeting: Organic Herb Gardening; Speaker: Rita Wollmering
Rita, along with Brooke Finn, runs the HERB FARMacy on 10 acres of old New England farmland in Salisbury, Mass. Their farm has become one of the top growers of organic herbs in the Northeast, as well as being a retail plant nursery with native plants, old-fashioned flowers, heirloom veggies, and a source of eggs and honey. Founded in 1988, the FARMacy propagates nearly all its own plants from seeds and cuttings, enabling the selection of specific varieties for outstanding qualities and suitability for our climate. Rita and Brooke have been committed to growing organically from the start because they believe that is the best way to ensure healthy plants, nutritious food and a sustainable environment. Rita will describe the best conditions--soil, sunlight, water--for growing an organic herb garden and the timing and techniques for harvesting herbs, both culinary and medicinal.
Hospitality Committee: Pat Jennings, Pam Durrant, Kathy Hewett, Kathy Jackson, Dee Lee, Jessie Panek, Kris Rojas
Floral arrangement: Dee Lee

February 2018

Feb. 19 Board Meeting at 9:15 a.m. (see yearbook for location)
Feb. 26 Joint Meeting with the Harvard Women's Club: Harvard Conservation Trust: Conserving Community Character and Natural Resources; Speaker: David Outman
David Outman is the executive director of the Harvard Conservation Trust. Harvard has a long and notable history of caring for its natural and cultural heritage, and this ethos holds true today. But conserving land and natural resources has grown increasingly challenging and complex since the Harvard Conservation Trust's founding in 1973. David will discuss the current practice of land conservation in Harvard, including goals and strategies, as well as some of the local, regional, and national trends influencing this work.
Hospitality Committee: Denyse Cox, Ruth Bobzin, Maria Day, Susan Leeming, Mary Maxwell, Nancy Miller, Margaret Murphy, Claudia Wesley
Floral arrangement: Rachel Oglesby

March 2018

March 19 Board Meeting (see yearbook for location)
Plant Sale Planning Meeting
12:00-1:30 Lunch included
March 26 Regular Meeting: Hip Hip Hydrangeas!; Speaker: Andi Ross
Hydrangeas are the secret weapon to providing drama and romance in our gardens from spring to late fall. But, with so many new cultivars, how do we choose among them? And how do we ensure that these lovely shrubs actually bloom year after year? Landscape designer, certified organic land-care professional, and horticulturalist Andi Ross will demystify the multitude of available cultivars by separating them into the simpler categories of size, color, bloom shape, pruning needs, and growing conditions. Included will be a question and answer period, so bring your queries and quandaries.
Hospitality Committee: Joanne Williamson, Roxanne Daleo, Sally Henderson, Betsy Howard, Fran Maiore, Pam Marston, Carlene Phillips
Floral arrangement: Chris Moeser

April 2018

April 23 Board Meeting at 9:15 a.m. (see yearbook for location)
April 30 Regular Meeting: Grow Your Own Bouquets; Speaker: Evelyn Lee
Join the Field to Vase movement and grow your own bouquets! Evelyn, a professional flower farmer and floral designer, will take us on a year's journey through her Butternut Gardens flower farm in Southport, Conn. Her farm grows 45,000 flowers each year for wholesale and retail markets. Evelyn will share a wealth of tips that are certain to help our own flower gardens grow and flourish. Highlights will include valuable cultural, harvesting, and floral design information as well as recommendations for varieties of flowers and greens to add to your landscape and cutting garden.
Hospitality Committee:Suzan Osborn, Deb Dowson, Stephanie Hooper, Preethi Igoor, Rachel Ross, Jan Rusiecki, Eileen Ryan
Floral arrangement: Christine Spielvogel

May 2018

May 19 Annual Plant Sale, Harvard Common, 9:00 a.m. to noon, rain or shine
Locally grown indigenous plants are featured, and local experts will help with tips for gardening success. Prices are reasonable and proceeds are all put back into our community.
Chairs: Janice Rusiecki & Kathy Hewett
May 21 Board Meeting at 9:15 a.m. (see yearbook for location)

June 2018

June 4 Annual Meeting (time and place to be determined)