~ September 2021 to June 2022 ~

Regular meetings are usually held at

Holy Trinity Parish St. Theresa's Church at 15 Still River Road in Harvard, MA.

Meetings begin at 9:30am unless otherwise noted.  Masks are required.

Brunch is served from 9:30am until 10:15am. (Not in the year 2021 - 2022)

Meetings are cancelled if Harvard Public Schools are closed.

Nature Walks take place on area conservation lands. They are tentatively planned for Thursdays, with time varying seasonally. More information will be available the week before the walk.

We hope to visit all the conservation lands with trails this year.


Acton Arboretum.jpg

Meeting Date:  September 27  

Acton Arboretum, 2 Taylor Road, Acton

Tour by Bettina D. Abe

Town of Acton Nature Resource Assistant


The Acton Arboretum is situated on 65 acres of town conservation land in the heart of Acton, Massachusetts. The Arboretum boasts a trail system through open meadows, beside woodland ponds, along a glacial esker, and through a bog. A handicapped accessible trail provides access to the herb garden, butterfly garden, hosta garden, daylily garden, rhododendron garden, lilac fragrance garden, and a pond planting. The Wildflower Trail provides access to a wide range of woodland habitats.


Meeting Date:  October 25 by ZOOM

Sarah Tate

"Houseplants are your friends, I promise"

Join Sarah for an overview about approaching your indoor garden. She will discuss how you can get started, understanding particular lighting, soil, seasons, plants that will work for you, and propagation methods from simple to advanced.


The interior landscape awaits!

Watering House Plants


Meeting Date:  November 29

Nancy Brais, Principal Master Gardener

Gardening Ergonomics

Gardening is the number one pastime in America, but four hours in the garden can create more stress on our bodies than a full work week at most jobs.


Ergonomics is about fitting the task to the person. Nancy is passionate in the belief that ergonomic principles are core elements to any performance improvement effort.


Learn how to apply these principles of form, process, and tools to enhance your gardening experience and protect your most valuable gardening tool – your body


greens Workshop.jpg

Workshop Date:  Tuesday, December 7 

Time:  9:30am - 11:30am

Place:  St. Theresa’s church, 15 Still River Road

Chairs: Deborah Dawson and Denyse Cox

The club gathers each year to make baskets of

greens for shut-ins and arrangements for themselves.


Bring some greens and a container for your arrangement, trade with other members, and buy foam and trimmings.


Meeting Date:  January 24  

Amy Mawby

Garden Educator and photographer


Join Amy Mawby for an ecological exploration of the season with a focus on its harbingers, our native spring ephemerals. Go on a photographic journey of our most fleeting flowers while discovering cultural information and fun facts. Combat 'plant blindness' by learning identification tips to help you get outside and enjoy the spring ephemerals in your home garden, neighborhood and local natural areas.

Capture Mary Abbot.JPG


Meeting Date:  February 28

Joint meeting with the Woman’s club

Carlene Philips, A Visit from Mary Abbot

Mary Abbot will talk about her education, one that was unusual for a woman in the early 20th century. She will read a few entries from her journals and share the story of her 1927 founding of the Garden Club of Harvard, recalling some of its projects during her time. She will describe her extensive collection of books on gardening and read excerpts from some of her favorites. She hopes her sister Agnes, who became quite a well-known watercolorist, will make an appearance with some of her paintings.

This is a joint meeting with the Harvard Woman's Club.


Meeting Date:  March 28

Jessie Panek

Why Native?

We have all heard a lot of talk about native plants in recent years, but why are they important? Drawing on her everincreasing interest in ecology, Jessie will help us understand what a “native” plant is and why it is crucial that we plant more of them. She will also provide some practical tips for which ones we should choose and how to design our gardens in an ecologically friendly way. Along the way we will review some basics of what makes our ecology function, what is disrupting it, and what we can do—what people everywhere need to do if we hope to avoid major ecological collapse in the not-that-distant future.

Capture Martha Chiachiaro.JPG


Meeting Date:  April 25

Martha Chiachiaro Docent at the Worcester Art Museum

Inspired by Nature

Flowers and landscapes have inspired artists for centuries! Explore the gorgeous floral paintings of artists such as Van Gogh and Cassatt or the breathtaking landscapes of Church and Bierstadt. Imagine yourself strolling through Monet’s gardens at Giverny, the inspiration for both floral and landscape paintings.

plant sale 2019.jpg


Plant Sale

May 14, 2022

Westward Orchards

178 Massaschusetts Ave

9am to Noon

Plants for sale.jpg
Flower Arrangement


June 6th

Annual Meeting



Annual Mtg 2019 2.jpg