~ September 2020 to June 2021 ~

Most Regular and Board Meetings for the year 2020 - 2021

will be a ZOOM format.

Regular meetings are usually held at

Holy Trinity Parish St. Theresa's Church at 15 Still River Road in Harvard, MA.

Meetings begin at 9:30am unless otherwise noted.

Brunch is served from 9:30am until 10:15am.

Meetings are cancelled if Harvard Public Schools are closed.

Nature Walks take place on area conservation lands. They are tentatively planned for Thursdays, with time varying seasonally. More information will be available the week before the walk.

We hope to visit all the conservation lands with trails this year.

Picked Red Apples


Meeting Date:  September 28  

Apple Picking at Westward Orchards

9am - 10:30am

We will have specific sign-up times for meeting with Stephanie O’Keefe discussion on “Growing Apples in Harvard” followed by apple picking.


Meeting Date:  October 26 by ZOOM

Judith Sumner

Pollination: Birds, Bees, Flowers and Seeds

Pollination: Birds, Bees, Flowers, and Seeds

A slide illustrated talk on pollination and pollinators, the importance of bees as pollinators, butterfly and hummingbird plants for gardens, how to support and promote pollinators in nature.

Image by Kristine Tanne
Thomas Mickey.jpg


Meeting Date:  November 30 by ZOOM

Thomas Mickey

"Victorian Flowers - Still the Favorite”

This talk is based on his new book.


greens Workshop.jpg

Workshop Date:  Monday, December 7 

Time:  TBD possibly 

at  TBD

In the past:

The club gathers each year to make baskets of greens for shut-ins.  The club members can also make arrangements for themselves.

Bring some greens and a container for your arrangement, trade with other members and buy foam and trimmings.

Logistics for this year need to be worked out.


Meeting Date:  January 25  by ZOOM

Liz Barbour

Cooking Demonstration

Liz Barbour.jpg

February ~ March

Meeting Date:  March 1st ZOOM Meeting with Woman's Club 12:15pm

Kelly Fitzsimmons

Beyond the Lens - Visual Storytelling.

This is a joint meeting with the Harvard Woman's Club.


Meeting Date:  March 29

Suzanne Mahler

Get Ready for Spring


After a long winter’s nap, it’s time to get our hands dirty again! Suzanne will lead us back into the garden with tips and guidelines to help us prepare for a new growing season. Topics will include spring pruning, transplanting trees and shrubs, dividing perennials, and a demonstration of useful tools of the trade. As added inspiration, Suzanne will remind us of what’s to come with beautiful photographs of theme and public gardens. She will also have her favorite Spear Head spades available for sale.


Image by Kevin Grieve

Meeting Date:  April 26

Bonnie Power

What's Bugging You?

We all know that Japanese beetles destroy our roses, that slugs not only chomp leaves but leave a trail of slime behind, and that the tomato hornworm is alarming, not only for its weird looks but for the damage it can do. But what about that small bug that looks like a little armored tank with lots of legs or the shiny black bug with a bright orange streak? Surely not all bugs can be bad, and some might even be helpful to our gardens. It’s important to know the difference, and that’s what Bonnie Power will help us do. She holds an MA in zoology, taught college-level science courses, and is a certified Master Gardener with a specialty in insect identification. Bonnie will separate the good bugs from the bad bugs, describe their habits and lifecycles, and discuss how their presence affects the success of our garden year.

plant sale 2019.jpg


INHOUSE  Plant Sale

May 22, 2021

Westward Orchards

178 Massaschusetts Ave

10am to Noon

Plants for sale.jpg
Flower Arrangement


June 7th

Annual Meeting


Garden Tour

Annual Mtg 2019 2.jpg